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Franciscan Skemp Solutions

Health Tradition Health Plan

A Mayo Clinic Health
System Choice in Wisconsin

65Plus Medicare supplement

Close Medicare coverage gaps with our high-quality supplement, Health Tradition 65Plus. This Medicare Select policy helps you meet healthcare needs that Medicare doesn’t cover. With 65Plus, you’ll use local providers and enjoy local customer service. It’s easy to enroll and easier to afford than you may expect!

With 65Plus, you’ll:

  • Have coverage for preventive care to stay healthier
  • Renew the plan for life—guaranteed!
  • Have a stable, affordable plan—we’ve been around since 1986!

65Plus is offered by Health Tradition Health Plan, La Crosse, Wisconsin

To speak with someone about 65Plus Medicare supplement, please call 1-608-781-9692 or toll-free 1-888-459-3020.

This is an advertisement for insurance. In offering Medicare Select insurance, neither Health Tradition Health Plan nor its agents are connected with Medicare.